Brian Kemper
Senior web developer with over 25 years of experience creating websites, multimedia, marketing, and business management applications.

Work History

Encompass K.K., Tokyo, Japan
Senior Programmer, 2009-Present
■ Project manager and lead developer of websites and web-based sales management systems.

Tsujii Laboratory, The University of Tokyo, Japan
Cooperative Researcher, 2007-2009
■ Lead developer for the PathText project: a text mining integrator for biological pathway visualizations.

Department of Frontier Sciences & Science Integration, The University of Tokyo, Japan
Cooperative Researcher, 2002-2007
■ Lead developer for the EKOSS project: A semantic search engine for sharing, discovery, and integration of expert knowledge.
■ Team member of the Tokyo Half Project: A web-based exchange for countermeasure technology and computational model development.
■ Team member of MIT CADLab DOME project.

eigoTown.com, Ebisu, Japan
IT Manager, 2002-2003
■ Project manager for English learning product sales.
■ Website maintenance for eigoTown.com website.
■ Managed computer systems and networking equipment.
■ Managed IT staff.

Freelance IT/Web Designer, Muncie, Indiana, USA
■ Designed websites, installed computer networks, and managed PC issues for local businesses.

Rutter Communications Network LLC, Muncie, Indiana, USA
Communications & Programming Director, 1992-2001
■ Developed web-based sales and accounting management systems.
■ Lead developer for a regional telephone directory portal project.
■ Developed web-based weekly video news program for internal sales team communication.
■ Managed purchasing and maintenance of computers, communications, and networking equipment.
■ Video production, editing and creative for local television commercials.

Ball State University Computer Labs, Muncie, Indiana, USA
Lab Manager, 1990-1992
■ Managed user support for computer lab of Apple, Windows and Vax terminals.
■ Maintained computer terminals and printing equipment.


Ball State University, Muncie, Indiana, USA 1989-1995
■ Master's Degree: Information and Communication Sciences
■ Bachelor's Degree: Telecommunications
■ Minor in Applications of Computer Science

Monrovia High school, Monrovia, Indiana, USA 1986-1989

Technical Skills

HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, MySQL, jQuery, DataTables, HighCharts, Bootstrap, Java, Photoshop, Lightroom, Final Cut Pro, Microsoft Office, Cell Designer


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Connecting Text Mining and Pathways using the PathText Resource.
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