Hello, my name is

Brian Kemper

Greetings from Austin, Texas! I’m a software engineer and web developer specializing in PHP and WordPress, with a passion for crafting customer-focused web experiences. My professional journey includes over a decade in Japan, developing research, business, and marketing solutions. When I’m not coding, photography and outdoor adventures are my favorite pastimes.


ThriveCart – Austin, TX
Software Development Engineer

  • Developed new features, functionality, and bug fixes for a leading SaaS sales cart solution.
  • Collaborated with an agile, cross‐functional team to design and implement PHP‐based solutions, including proof‐of‐concepts, custom APIs, and visually appealing user interfaces.
  • Conducted thorough requirement analysis and executed the deployment of custom code to successfully meet business needs.
  • Managed and optimized the cloud‐based architecture within Amazon Web Services (AWS) to ensure high performance, diagnose service issues, and mitigate outages.

Whole Foods Market – Austin, TX
Software Development Engineer

  • Full‐stack PHP and WordPress developer on the Internal Web Team, delivering business‐critical applications, themes, and plugins with 50,000+ users.
  • Managed and maintained over a dozen internal and external websites within an agile development team, supporting marketing, global quality assurance, and charitable foundations.
  • Fostered stakeholder relationships, facilitating communication with business partners, leadership, and other internal teams to drive new product development, feature enhancements, and security compliance.

Jungle Scout – Austin, TX
Software Development Engineer

  • Full stack developer of responsive, mobile friendly, high volume WordPress content.
  • Coded application components in an Agile environment using PHP, WordPress, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Node.js, and Lando. Scaled, maintained, and improved existing website infrastructure and site performance.

Encompass K.K. – Austin, TX
Software Development Engineer

  • Worked with business partners, leadership, and design teams to develop over 40 small business products, including websites, book publishing, smartphone apps, and marketing campaigns in multiple languages.

The University of Tokyo – Tokyo, Japan
Software Development Engineer

  • Lead developer and project manager for research projects integrating text mining, systems biology, and semantic search applications using PHP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, MySQL, and Java.


Master of Science, Information Communication Sciences
Ball State University, Muncie, Indiana

Bachelor of Science, Telecommunications
Ball State University, Muncie, Indiana


PathText: a text mining integrator for biological pathway visualizations
by Brian Kemper et al. (Bioinformatics [ISMB], 01/2010; 26:374-381)

Community Platform for Pathway Model Building
by Yukiko Matsuoka, Brian Kemper et al. (10th International Conference on Systems Biology; 09/2009)

Semantic Searching Based on Ontologies and Agent Systems for Knowledge Discovery
by Steven Kraines, Brian Kemper et al. (Journal of Industrial Ecology; 02/2008)

Connecting Text Mining and Pathways using the PathText Resource
by Rune Sætre, Brian Kemper et al. (International Conference on Language Resources and Evaluation LREC 2008; 01/2008)

PathText: Text Mining Tools Integrated with Biological Pathway
by Rune Sætre, Brian Kemper et al. (Genomes to Systems Conference 2008 Handbook; 01/2008)

EKOSS: A Knowledge-User Centered Approach to Knowledge Sharing, Discovery, and Integration on the Semantic Web
by Steven Kraines, Brian Kemper et al. (5th International Semantic Web Conference; 01/2006)


It is difficult not to fall in love with photography while living in Tokyo. Here is a small sample of some photos I took while living there. I’m planning to share more soon and would love to put together a coffee table book some day.